Pushup to Shoulder Tap

Uneven Pushup to Shoulder Tap

This horizontal pressing variation is challenging enough when done with both hands in contact with the ground, but elevating one side on a kettlebell, creating an uneven pushups, makes this kettlebell training exercise all the more challenging, as well as potentially beneficial. Additionally, it is also one of the more challenging kettlebell training trunk exercises you can do because the exercise can’t be done without maintaining a strong mid-section.

Watch Coach Brandon as he maintains a strong mid-section with hips tucked and tight while he performs the pushups and limits any rotation as he presses up through the pushup. After doing this exercise, you’ll see why it finds its way into our kettlebell training often.

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Gladiator Get-Ups

Gladiator TGU

Any dude that hears the word “Gladiator” instantly thinks of:

“My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions and loyal servant of the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son. Husband to a murdered wife. And I will have vengeance, in this life or the next.” – From the movie Gladiator

Anyways, being able to do this kettlebell training movement will make you feel pretty darn close to a gladiator. It takes mobility, strength, and focus to perform this advanced kettlebell training variation of the turkish get up (TGU).

Watch Coach Brandon from every angle and then practice on your own. As always in your kettlebell training, go light and do it right!!!!

Kettlebell Bent Press

Bent Press

This is a fun and challenging kettlebell training exercise to learn. It not only challenges your hip and shoulder mobility, but it also strengthens muscles and a movement pattern that are often forgot about. This is one of the greatest aspects of kettlebell training is the ability to work through movement patterns in a fluid way with progressive resistance.

Chances are, people are going to have to start with bodyweight on the Bent Press, and then progress with resistance ever so slightly.

Watch Coach Brandon as he moves slowly and deliberately through this unique range of motion. Notice how most of the descent occurs with the hips moving back (hip hinge) and the kettlebell staying in line with his center of gravity. Also notice how the kettlebell almost stays in the exact position it starts in by merging the press with the descent from the hips. Once the arm is fully extended, stand slowly.


1-Arm Kettlebell Snatch

1-Arm Kettlebell Snatch

Perhaps the king of all kettlebell training movements is the 1-arm kettlebell snatch. While it obviously looks cool, it is one of the very best power developing exercises, but with the kettlebell as your tool, also gives this exercise a powerful fat melting component when used for conditioning.

There’s a reason the Secret Service uses the kettlebell snatch as one of their gross physical capacity tests to make sure they are fit for service.

We would recommend that you know how to perform a 1-arm swing, clean, and high pull in your kettlebell training before moving onto the snatch. As always, watch Coach Brandon from every angle, start light, and then do it right.

Half Rack Squat

Half Racked Squats

This is our absolute favorite squat variation in our kettlebell training. In our opinion, it presents the most realistic form of a squat that people do in every day life. Think about it, how often do you have a balanced load of weight held in both hands while squatting in everyday life? Usually you have one hand loaded up with a kid, groceries, or something, and then you have to squat or bend over to do something else with your free hand.

With poor mechanics, it’s a movement pattern like this that has the opportunity to injure someone when they are unfit and don’t know how to control their body anymore. Therefore, it’s important to teach people how to move correctly while loaded unevenly, which is why we love the half racked squat in our kettlebell training.

1-Arm Sprawl

1-Arm Sprawl

Obviously similar to the traditional sprawl, but this one, also obviously, only uses one arm (1-arm). This provides a much more difficult stimulus to the body than it’s two-handed counterpart so be sure to progress intelligently before you go after this one and blow your shoulder. You need those shoulders after all in your kettlebell training 😉

Watch Coach Brandon from every angle, start slow and then speed up. Keep the trunk tight and don’t hyperextend at the low back and lose trunk stability.



The kettlebell training exercise everyone loves to hate, for various reasons, although we do know a handful of people who absolutely love them. Burpees catch a bad rap from some industry celebrities, and we can’t honestly understand why. There’s no bad exercises for the most part, only bad application and volumes of them. Burpees combine a sprawl to a controlled fall by bring the chest all the way to ground, and then pushing hard through the ground and hiking your knees back under you to jump. Any problems arise with lack of functional mobility to perform this movement, and so the story goes with any other kettlebell training exercise.

Watch Coach Brandon as he performs the burpee from multiple angles as part of his kettlebell training. If you have poor upper body strength or shoulder mobility, refer back to our sprawl video for a more appropriate exercise modification.

Split Squat Jumps

Split Squat Jumps

When it comes to kettlebell training, bodyweight plyometrics often compliment kettlebell training. As with any exercise, doing them correctly is of the utmost importance. If you haven’t done plyos in a long time, or ever, doing high volume is a recipe for disaster. Unfortunately this is what many people do.

Limit your volume, do it correctly, land softly, and then progress down the road.



This is a very functional exercise for every human to mix into their kettlebell training routine. Traditional strength coaches minimize movements like these, but movement experts, wrestlers, MMA fighters, and Jiu Jitsu athletes will all mix these movements into their kettlebell training sessions.

Watch Coach Brandon and make sure to coordinate this movement correctly. Like any exercise, even bodyweight exercises can be done poorly.

Racked Turkish Get-Up

Racked TGU

Enjoy this kettlebell training variation of the Turkish Get-Ups, you may find that the racked position challenges you a bit more than if your arm was extended with the Kettlebell overhead.

Reduce the weight and give this a shot. Watch Coach Brandon and begin practicing this new skill in kettlebell training.