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Kettlebell Exercise Database

Kettlebell Bent Press

Bent Press

This is a fun and challenging kettlebell training exercise to learn. It not only challenges your hip and shoulder mobility, but it also strengthens muscles and a movement pattern that are often forgot about. This is one of the greatest aspects of kettlebell training is the ability to work through movement patterns in a fluid way with progressive resistance.

Chances are, people are going to have to start with bodyweight on the Bent Press, and then progress with resistance ever so slightly.

Watch Coach Brandon as he moves slowly and deliberately through this unique range of motion. Notice how most of the descent occurs with the hips moving back (hip hinge) and the kettlebell staying in line with his center of gravity. Also notice how the kettlebell almost stays in the exact position it starts in by merging the press with the descent from the hips. Once the arm is fully extended, stand slowly.