Kettlebell Exercise Database

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Kettlebell Pushups

The Kettlebell Pushup variation only increases the challenge of the already challenging regular pushup by increasing the depth of the pushup as well as challenging the stability to a great degree.
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1 Hand Squat Press

Otherwise known as a kettlebell single arm thruster, the 1 hand kettlebell squat press is a tremendous total body exercise, and the half racked nature of the exercise makes it very transferable to daily life and sport. Get your blood pumping by adding this to your kettlebell routine. As always, compare your technique to our […]
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Kettlebell Clean and Press

This is another total body movement that is guaranteed to get your heart pumping and stimulate every muscle fiber. Be sure to hike the kettlebell deep into your hips, like you’d do in a swing, but instead of allowing the kettlebell to get out in front of you in a semi-circle pattern, like the swing, […]
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Kettlebell Goblet Squat

One of the foundational exercises of using kettlebells, is the kettlebell goblet squat. This basic exercise is ever-challenging as you increase the amount of weight over time. Be sure to keep your weight distributed on the outside edges and heels of your feet. Keep your chest proud and back flat. Take deep breath, hold through […]
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Double Kettlebell Push Jerk

The Double Kettlebell Push Jerk is great for developing total body pushing power. Learning how to drive force through the ground and transfer that through the trunk into the upper extremities is important for everyone.
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1 Hand Deadlift

Another foundational exercise for developing total body strength is the 1 Hand Kettlebell Deadlift. The 1-Hand Kettlebell Deadlift is a bit more challenging due the load of the kettlebell being handled with one arm. This requires more demand for trunk stability, but this deadlift variation also presents us with a lift that is more likely […]
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Kettlebell Swing

Without a doubt, the most commonly recognized kettlebell movement is the kettlebell swing. Great for developing lower body power, strength, and athletic movement mechanics, the kettlebell swing is great for everyone to learn how to hinge at the hips properly while moving explosively. When done correctly, this is a very safe movement on the spine […]
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Kettlebell Front Squat

One of the best ways to load the squat pattern is to load the frontside of the body (anterior) as this is how most of us would squat with an external load whether in sport or in life. By doubling up the kettlebells for the kettlebell front squat, you can really challenge your entire lower […]
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Kettlebell Double Strict Press

This is more of a traditional strength training exercise; however, when using kettlebells, the weight gets displaced across the forearm and presents a different force lever than a dumbbell or barbell. Additionally, the range of motion in the overhead press is increased with the use of kettlebells, allowing for better development of the shoulders and […]
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Kettlebell Double Thrusters

Quads, glutes, hammies, core, upper back, shoulders, triceps…..nearly everything in your body gets a good dose of stress (a good thing) in the kettlebell double thruster. This exercise can get utilized in a number of different formats to induce strength, power, and/or conditioning. Watch Well Built Kettlebell’s Head Coach, Brandon, and his technique from all […]

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