WBK Essentials 4-Week Kettlebell Workout Program


Train with Well Built Kettlebells founder and owner Brandon LaRue! During this 4-week workout program you’ll be building strength, increasing mobility, and losing fat.

  • Equipment needed: Kettlebell
  • Duration: 1 month (28 days)
  • Training Frequency: 3-6 days/week
  • Program Focus: Strength, Power, Fat Loss, Mobility

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Author: Brandon LaRue

Brandon is the owner of Well Built Kettlebells and Well Built Humans. He is also a former strength coach for the Chicago Cubs and has helped thousands of people from weekend warriors, hard core athletes, and even couch potatoes.

Get Started Info & Tips

This program is simple to follow, but like all things kettlebell, the workouts will challenge you, despite its simplicity. This program is great for beginners and experienced fitness enthusiasts alike. For beginners it builds a good foundation to build upon, and for experienced folks, it’s a great reminder of how the basics never fail to deliver.

What You Need

A kettlebell and your body.

When to Train: Schedule and Rest

This 4 week program escalates in training frequency from 2 times per week in week 1 to 5 times per week in week 4 with each passing week adding one extra training session to your program. This is to encourage you to become more consistent and disciplined with your fitness training. Be sure to perform stretching, mobility, and soft tissue work before your training and on your active recovery days to encourage optimal recovery. Active recovery days should include no less than 10,000 steps.