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Kettlebell Exercise Database



There’s something very primitive about pull-ups. It’s almost as if it’s one of those exercises that if our ancestors couldn’t do, they probably didn’t get out alive.

Pull-ups are an exercise of frustration for many. Like most things, you may suck at them before becoming good at them. Remember, most people in America can’t do a single pull-up, so you’re not alone, but you may not want to be in that company.

Having a good body composition and have a relatively healthy weight is a good pre-requisite to being good at pull-ups. So the best advice to getting better at pull-ups is to get better at nutrition.

Getting good at pull-ups is like a skill. It takes consistent practice. It can start with eccentrics, or lowering yourself as slow as you can from the top down. Another thing you can do is use assistance bands to reduce the amount of weight (you) to have to pull-up.
In any case, the ability to do a few pull-ups is a great fitness goal to set if you can’t do any.

Trust us, you’ll feel so empowered when you can do them.