Kettlebell Exercise Database

Pushup to Shoulder Tap

Uneven Pushup to Shoulder Tap

This horizontal pressing variation is challenging enough when done with both hands in contact with the ground, but elevating one side on a kettlebell, creating an uneven pushups, makes this kettlebell training exercise all the more challenging, as well as potentially beneficial. Additionally, it is also one of the more challenging kettlebell training trunk exercises you can do because the exercise can’t be done without maintaining a strong mid-section.

Watch Coach Brandon as he maintains a strong mid-section with hips tucked and tight while he performs the pushups and limits any rotation as he presses up through the pushup. After doing this exercise, you’ll see why it finds its way into our kettlebell training often. #kettlebell​ #kettlebellworkout​ #kettlebellexercises​ #kettlebelltraining