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Kettlebell Company Partners with Iron Warrior to Keep it “American Made” While Also Improving Quality and Access to More Sizes

Kettlebell Training Company Partners with Iron Warrior to Keep it “American Made” While Also Improving Quality and Access to More Sizes

Well Built Kettlebells LLC, a kettlebell training, distributor, education, and lifestyle company based in southeast Minnesota, has launched a partnership with the best iron foundry in the mid-west to expand its offering of sizes of kettlebells while also improving the quality to it’s customers. 

Well Built Kettlebells was formed in 2020 with a mission to provide American made kettlebells, quality kettlebell training program modules, and expand upon this foundation into other innovative products that align with the kettlebell training and fitness lifestyle. The founder, Brandon LaRue, realized a problem with the fitness industry, in particular kettlebells, where nearly all kettlebells were being outsourced to China to be manufactured. 

“When the pandemic hit in late 2019 there were massive shortages in home fitness equipment, especially kettlebells, because kettlebell training is the most effective and efficient training too for home fitness. I knew there had to be a way to manufacture kettlebells in America and that we could do it better here than overseas. I was also operating on the faith that there are still a lot of Americans who would prefer to buy American made goods and that we could build a brand with a strong, loyal community of Americans who enjoy kettlebell training, getting some callouses on their hands, and working out in the most efficient manner possible.”

Well Built Kettlebells started small with a line-up of 3 kettlebells (18lb, 26lb, and 35lb) as those sizes are popular for beginners and novices early in there kettlebell training journey; however, the goal was to expand to at least two more sizes, the 44lb and 53lb. Aligning with our new manufacturer not only allows us to expand our line-up to our original goal of 5 sizes, but we’ve actually positioned ourselves to provide 11 sizes for our kettlebell training community. The sizes we will be able to provide are:

  • 5kg/11lb
  • 8kg/18lb
  • 12kg/26lb
  • 16kg/35lb
  • 20kg/44lb
  • 24kg/53lb – Currently Out of Stock
  • 28kg/62lb
  • 32kg/70lb
  • 36kg/80lb
  • 40kg/88lb
  • 44kg/97lb

While kettlebells are the main training implement produced and sold from Well Built Kettlebells, their online programs that are hosted on their website: allow for anyone with any brand of kettlebells to enjoy the world class structure, efficiency, and unique kettlebell training programs created for people for all levels.  

“It’s one thing to sell a quality piece of American made equipment, but it’s quite another to teach someone how to use it. If you think of all the pieces of fitness equipment that get sold and collect dust or become a glorified place to hang one’s dirty clothes, we want to make sure we not only provide the best kettlebell for our customers, but we want to make sure they are empowered to go use it properly and accomplish the health and fitness goals that they purchased the kettlebell(s) for in the first place. Every purchase of a kettlebell from our site comes with a FREE 28 Day Essentials Kettlebell Training Program, where customers get familiar with the foundational kettlebell exercises while also getting a great workout. It’s great when you get feedback from someone who purchased a kettlebell or two from you knowing full well they didn’t know how to use it, and then 28 days later they are so pumped about their progress in 28 days and how efficient they can be with kettlebell training.”

The kettlebell training programs provided by Well Built Kettlebells will be expanding every month with their goal of creating one quality kettlebell training video module program per month. Additionally, they are working on a couple innovative ideas to bring to the marketplace that align with the kettlebell health and fitness lifestyle.

“We understand that we aren’t the big fitness equipment distributor on the block, nor are we trying to be. We compete by competing in ways that other larger brands can’t compete, and that’s on quality customer service, unique tight knit community, quality kettlebell training programs done in-house, and providing a ton of free kettlebell training content from free daily workouts, exercise demonstrations, and weekly motivational posts. We don’t have the deep marketing budget many of the larger brands have, but that doesn’t mean we can’t grind it out day after day, one customer at a time, and build something special.” 


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